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Toma Caul

Toma Caul

Fort Worth, TX


Toma has always been a creative person. As a young girl, she would take pictures but photography really got her hooked when in high school she was bussed across town to take a photography class at a techincal high school, as her school did not offer the course. Her camera was laid down for many years and recently she has picked it up again, and is enjoying the digital age. She experiments with different editing and photography techniques, as she is basically self-taught and enjoys the creativeness and the outcomes. She sees beauty in everything around her.Her opinion is that with art and photography, you see the details all around you, you notice the reflections, the light, the joy and the sadness. You want to record everything. She also draws and paints, always interested in the art world and trying her hand at the different techniques that strike her fancy.The lens awakens the sensibilities to life, the art allows you to express what you experience, what you see, and what you feel. She hopes that her images inspire, bring happiness, or awaken ones own artistic side and gives encouragement and support to those that need it.She is available to record pictures of your land, ranch, or farm to publish in a hard bound, jacketed book for the history of your paradise.Toma is open for discussions, available for photo shoots should you like her work, and looks forward to conferring with the other Artists on FAA, as well as working with her customers.
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Santa Fe Glory by Toma Caul


Santa Fe Sunset by Toma Caul


Rio Grande Gorge by Toma Caul


Rural Texas by Toma Caul


Texas Windmill by Toma Caul


Equine Perfection by Toma Caul


Painted Stud by Toma Caul


Moon Glow by Toma Caul


Dragonfly Love by Toma Caul


Wagon Wheel by Toma Caul


A View Through by Toma Caul


Relics of Our Past by Toma Caul


Happy Dance by Toma Caul


The Getaway by Toma Caul


Going for a Swim by Toma Caul


Sunset on the Night of the Super Moon by Toma Caul


Super Moon RIsing by Toma Caul


Clothed in Leaves by Toma Caul


Super Moon 2013 by Toma Caul


Hill Country Deer by Toma Caul


Medina River by Toma Caul


Triple Blossoms by Toma Caul


Baby's Got 'Tude by Toma Caul


A Dry Wash by Toma Caul


Immie and Princess by Toma Caul


Immie by Toma Caul


I'll Love You Always and Forever by Toma Caul


River of Reflections by Toma Caul


Hill Country Deer by Toma Caul


Sky in River's Light by Toma Caul


Bend in the River by Toma Caul


Light of Reflection by Toma Caul


Butterfly Girl by Toma Caul


The Girl by the Bench by Toma Caul


The Caretaker by Toma Caul


Facing the Sun by Toma Caul


Garden Maiden by Toma Caul


Dancing in the Sun by Toma Caul


Moon and Starry Night by Toma Caul


Chi Town Sun Times BW by Toma Caul


Chi Town Sun Times by Toma Caul


Dog's Eye by Toma Caul


Cloudy Reflections by Toma Caul


Take Off by Toma Caul


Hummingbird Sitting Pretty by Toma Caul


Pretty Pom by Toma Caul


Blue Cross by Toma Caul


Bell by Toma Caul